test pattern lounge

Living Room, television and surveillance camera.

Welcome to the Test Pattern Lounge, a work that wants to help you feel at home with media art.

We’ve noticed that a lot of digital media art can leave you cold – especially if you don’t understand exactly how it’s made. And the more complicated the tech in art gets, the more you might find yourself asking: Are rooms full of plasma screens helping artists to say more? Does a demonstration of programming prowess necessarily help the viewer feel anything?

For that reason, we offer you an opportunity to sit down for a moment in the beating heart of lo-fi analogue land – the trusty old Test Pattern.

A surveillance camera is attached to the ceiling sending the image of the room below. This rather familiar looking lounge room, featuring bright coloured carpets, a diner table, pillows, bookshelves, a kettle, even the odd plant, viewed from above forms the test pattern.

So you can feel comfortable while you reflect on the disturbing developments in media art over a cup of tea. (Maybe the cartoons will come on soon?)

Made during the 2010 Underbelly Arts Festival residency at Fraser Studios.



Or here's a video about Underbelly Arts with interviews from us and some of the other artists involved..

on Vimeo.